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Sweet Lime or Lime Berry (Triphasia trifolia) Extract/Tincture

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 Sweet Lime or Lime Berry (Triphasia trifolia, Limonia trifolia, Triphasia aurantiola) is a member of the Rutacea (citrus) family. It grows as a shrub to about 9'. It has dark, green leaves and small, white, fragrant flowers. It has small thorns, and half inch round red fruit. The fruit is an edible red, berry-like fruit, with an acidic, lime flavored flesh which can be cooked to make a preserve. The limeberry is used locally in making jams and jellies.

It can tolerate full sun to partial shade. Keep soil moist. It is used traditionally as a plant variety for hedges in the Caribbean. Protect from frost. It can be grown as an indoor bonsai with good lighting. It is propagated by seed, cutting or air layering.



This extract comes in alcohol-free or with alcohol form.

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