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Shipping: We ship to global addresses from any of our available carriers. Delivery Standards: Normal delivery time for economy shipping is 1-2 weeks and for expedited shipping 2-3 days waiting time is expected. During certain times of the year there may be some delay due to slower postal service or postal holidays. Arrival time for orders placed outside North America will vary but generally arrive in1-2 weeks. Please allow a reasonable time for orders to reach you. If you feel your order has been unduly delayed, please contact us.

Documentation: If applicable, phytosanitary certificates can be provided with your order. While we welcome orders from international customers, we may not be aware of the regulations that pertain to the importation of seeds to your country. Such regulations, if any, may vary by location and may change without our knowledge. If you are uncertain regarding import regulations to your destination, we urge to check with your local agricultural authority before placing an order. Our refund policy does not apply to orders that may be confiscated by the relevant local customs or agricultural authority.

Return Policy: We do accept returns for unsatisfactory products. We do not however offer refunds but rather will provide the requisite replacement. A photo illustrating the concern(s) should be emailed to for quick resolution to your concern(s). Contact should be made with us as soon as you have received our product(s). Please contact us if you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason.

Contact: We value your feedback. Please contact us with any questions or comments. Email us at

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